Tantric Bodywork

I use my expertise to relax men, women and couples so they can overcome their sexual issues (lack of intimacy, sexual dysfunction (PE, ED or anorgasmia) and experience whole body bliss.

Body 2 Body

Using breath, sound, movement and slow body2body massage, I knowingly anticipate your every desire. As a skilled sexy tantrika, I boast a fit, toned physique and compassionate demeanour.

An intuitive CMT & energy healer trained in both tantra and therapeutic modalities, I integrate flowing Swedish/Esalen strokes with deep tissue, feather-light strokes, Lomi Lomi, energy healing, toning and kundalini massage, in a playful dance of intimacy.

Deep Relaxation

My kind presence and sweet smile will totally relax you. You will leave refreshed and satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

In tantric massage we explore many ancient techniques, woven together to facilitate a deeper connection to Self and our partner.

The Body is Our Temple

Let us co-create a magical dance of intention and surrender; each moment flows with grace, each breath is a prayer, each movement is a choice of letting go, each touch is a ritual.

The whole body is a sacred temple, merging spirit and matter to create life. I approach bodywork in reverence to the Divine dwelling within us all.

The Sensual Self

In Tantra, we fully enjoy the sensual Self, cherish our body and maximize each moment. When we achieve total Bliss, we bring full awareness into that state of being and stay in it for as long as possible.

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A Tantric Temple in a serene urban sanctuary, located in Ottawa, Ontario


My Tantric Temple is a serene urban sanctuary, dedicated to profound relaxation, intense arousal and spiritual enlightenment.  For the past 18 years, I have been exploring the ancient traditions of ecstatic sexuality, energy, breath work and personal transformation. I will bestow a wealth of erotic gifts upon you in a safe space with a sensual ambiance. During your blissful journey, play, presence, patience and passion will abound.

Your whole being will pulsate with pleasure as sexual energy courses throughout. Together, connecting breath with sexual energy, we will explore the ancient art and soul of Sacred Sexuality.

Surrender to Divine Tantric Touch as you journey into the blissful realms of orgasmic full body ecstasy.
  • Receive feminine nurturing as you reclaim your masculine passion.
  • Learn more about the female anatomy and making love to a woman.
  • Discover the beauty of the female G-spot and amrita.
  • Learn how to establish sexual intimacy in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Experience amazing bodywork performed by a gifted Tantric Masseuse.

Sacred Intimacy

As a Certified Tantra Teacher, Sex and Relationship Coach and Sacred Intimate, I will facilitate your experience of loving in a whole new way. With added insight, you will evolve into an inspired, sensitive lover.  In a non-rushed session, you can unleash your erotic potential, a delicious integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Tantric Massage

Your tantric massage may also include Rosebud and Sacred Spot Therapy (prostate massage), G-spot Stimulation (for women), Chakra Alignment, Kundalini Activation, Taoist Sexual Techniques, Play/Delay Therapy, Bath Ceremony and Goddess Worship.

Experience the healing, restorative power of intense pleasure and deep relaxation as I rejuvenate body, mind, heart and spirit. Your experience may vary when accessing this emotional reservoir in the body. Full body orgasms often occur.  At times, an emotional release followed by immense pleasures will consume your senses.


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Escape the external chaos during a blissful inner journey! Now is the time to fully unwind so your authentic tantric blossoming can occur.

My mission is to help you create a lush life of prosperity, healthy relationships and spiritual awareness.

A discreet service for discerning Men, Women and Couples.