I am Devi Bliss, a certified tantric educator and gifted holistic healer.  Allow my skilled hands, healing presence and warm spirit to transport you on a heartfelt, sublime sensual journey.

The key to tantric release dwells in your letting go of sexual pain and emotional blockages in order to allow my playful, passionate healing energy to penetrate you.  

Together, we seek to arouse and awaken your inner Shiva or Shakti, your authentic inner lover.

This may happen during one session or over the course of 10 sessions; however, I am there every step along the way, lovingly guiding and supporting you with compassion and an open heart.

I spend a considerable amount of  time working on those areas of the body that can impact your sexual health. Whether it be a sore neck, lower back pain, leg and groin spasm, joint pain or prostatitis, I can address it.  My massage is the ideal blend of heavenly long and slow head-to-toe, titillating, sensual strokes and deep targeted pressure. The massage provides a wonderful build-up to an explosive release.

My utmost professionalism appears in every aspect of the massage. I possess a warm, welcoming personality and can hold a witty, intelligent conversation. Being a well-educated, easy-going, articulate Goddess, I know how make you feel at home immediately. You will always enjoy generous amounts of my attention and affection.
Tantra Massage embodies erotic elements throughout whereas therapeutic massage must be free of any and all erotic elements.

As I focus totally on your needs, you are assured of my professionalism in all aspects of your session. Your boundaries are always respected as I expect mine to be.

What to expect in the Tantra Session:

I invite you to thoroughly peruse this website so that you are clear on my boundaries and expectations. When you call, I will happily clarify your concerns and answer your questions.

After a brief chat about your expectations, I start the tantalizing massage, using amazing head-to-toe strokes to prepare your body for deeper pressure and lighter touch.  Your Tantra Massage is always tailored to address your needs in the moment. Thus, no two sessions are ever the same.

My  profoundly pleasurable and highly arousing tantric touch involves extensive teasing of the nipples, butt, groin and surrounding areas. As I am a respectful, open-minded, non-judgmental tantric educator, I will encourage you to simply relax and open your heart and spirit to my healing energy.

It is my honor to serve you. I will caress, stretch, pull and knead every unwanted knot out of your body and simultaneously soothe and arouse you into a state of pure bliss. Full body and mind relaxation is crucial in Authentic Tantra so I devote my energies on making you feel comfortable and appreciated. This sacred time helps make you feel accepted and cherished as a human being.

I masterfully find your pleasure zones and trigger points as my flow, rhythm and pressure  hypnotize you into a state of euphoria. Being a fit, strong, healthy beauty, I can skillfully exert great amounts of pressure on those areas of your body that need it.

My massage has long been heralded among erotic epicureans as I seamlessly incorporate an effective blend of deep tissue and sensual massage, with that erotic twist you crave! You will always receive you that safe, sexy, satisfying experience you so much desire.

Having an inexhaustible supply of energy means that I can perform up to three hours of Lomi Lomi massage.  In order to maximize the monumental benefits of this ancient bodywork technique, a 2-hour session is recommended as the lack of time pressure lets you to fully surrender yourself to the experience.

Intimate Touching

Tantra massage includes intimate touching based upon your comfort level as well as the overall length and mutual chemistry of the session.  Intimate body-to-body therapy may be available for returning clients and some first time clients.

Please inquire about the Sacred Spot/Prostate Massage, which is available upon request in the 90-minute and longer sessions.  This deeply healing process allows men to fully release all their pent-up emotional stress, as well as their physical tension.

People visit me for a variety of reasons and I attract a diverse clientele, who span a wide spectrum of age, race, gender, body type and socio-economic status.

My Specialties include sexual healing, tantric/taoist bodywork, sex and intimacy coaching, energy work, intimacy, meditation, sex education, workshop facilitation, writing articles and blogging. I also address body issues, gender, orientation, finding your true purpose and reclaiming your spiritual power.