During our session I felt comfortably relaxed as you gently performed the Sacred Spot Prostate Massage.  It has certainly opened up a new world of pleasure for both my girlfriend and myself.


When you explained that the prostate is a guy’s emotional sex centre, I saw how massaging this area can release an enormous amount of emotional and physical stress. Coupled with the fantastic lingam stimulation, massaging this walnut-sized gland felt very pleasurable indeed! I was never a fan of anal penetration but after your reassurance, I felt ready to discover the multiple benefits and intense pleasure of prostate stimulation.


I found the  sacred spot experience to be very empowering for me and I have transmitted this knowledge to my girlfriend Janine. Now, she has enough confidence to actually do a prostate massage for me during our lovemaking. As a welcome bonus, it has been a fabulous bonding experience for us too.


I look forward to our next session.



Despite our hectic work lives, we were delighted to finally schedule a visit with you.  It has been the wisest thing we have done for our 12-year marriage.  Our sex life had been on a rapid downward spiral but with your kind guidance and clear communication skills, we finally understood that we had been skipping over some essential elements in the bedroom! We were married in our mid 30’s and neither of us had much dating experience. I guess you could say we were luddites when it came to about sensuality, let alone tantric sex.  Now we are discovering each other all over again, both in and out of the bedroom!


After our second tantric couples session, my brilliant husband took your advice to heart. I am happy to say than we’ve been practicing those tantric moves several times a week. After our final session, we both felt that we in a good place about our marriage, sexually and psychologically.  In the last few weeks, I find myself being more patient, understanding and fearless in expressing my needs.


Bliss & Blessings to you.


Myra and Jerry
New York City

When I told my fiancé Jason I wanted to feel sexier and more orgasmic, he booked a yoni massage with you. After perusing your website, he ascertained that the Lotus Session for Women would be ideal for me.


The long chat we had before I booked the session really put me at ease.  I already felt a strong connection with you when I arrived at your studio.  I loved your serene space and how you gently eased me into the mood.  Jason was pleased to hear how much I enjoyed it, which was actually a tantalizing tease for him! I appreciate your sharing the tantric pleasure techniques I can use on him too.



Thanks again for the awesome insights into my issues related to my poor body image and general anxiety. I had been extremely hard on myself for being unable to attract the right woman into my life for a stable lasting, romantic relationship. Now I see that I need to love myself a whole lot more first before that can ever happen.


Your knowing words really opened my eyes and touched my heart!  I feel more positive energy everyday and have been taking better care of my physique and diet. You will be happy to know that I have been practicing the calming daily meditation you taught me, stopped smoking, switched to a vegan diet and joined a gym!


My confidence is the upswing these days along with my mood and sexual energy.  Moreover, I have lost 15 pounds and feel sexier and far better about my appearance.



It was such a pleasure meeting with you last week.  The empathy and compassion you showed me was indeed touching. I had never discussed my gravely ill wife’s situation with anyone outside my immediate family before. For more than a year, I had been holding in all this pain and rage because I did not want to upset my adult children.


Whenever I feel anxious about the future, I do the tantric pranic breathing you showed me, which calms me and dissipates my negative thoughts. When I take time to do breathe properly,  I feel so much lighter and more relaxed.


As I  breathe, I use the mantra ‘Sat Nam’ you suggested followed by the English translation ‘Truth is my name’.  I now recognize my own essence. I am now able to confront the sad reality that my terminally ill wife is dying.


Last night I had a wonderfully relaxed 2-hour visit with my wife at the hospital. I have finally come to terms with her condition and now feel comfortable again in her presence. Frankly, I had just been visiting her out of duty before and dreaded each encounter. You are challenging me to delve into uncharted waters of my spirituality and embrace a more positive attitude. You have helped me accept a higher way of being more than any grief counsellor has done.


Your kind, insights coupled with the tactile, sensual, intimate nature of Tantric bodywork has done a lot to alleviate my pain and fear of the future. I have been jotting down my thoughts in a daily journal to clarify where I am emotionally as I support my wife on her final journey. We each have a unique path to travel so I thank you for helping me find my way back onto mine.
Eternally Grateful,



Having been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I was totally fascinated about what I had read about how tantra, energy work and chakra alignment can promote sexual healing. Despite this knowledge, I had never actually experienced a tantric sexual healing session.


In order to explore all these awesome energies I had researched and find out if I could benefit from a sexual healing session, I chose to try a one-on-one tantric session with a certified tantric educator. After a quick online search, I found Dakini Devi Bliss.


In my very first session, Devi warmly greeted me, chatted with me about my expectations and proceeded to help clear my body of accumulated toxins and negative energy, much like popping a zit. Then, we did some guided meditation and I felt goosebumps throughout my entire being! Such fabulous feelings started to flow through my body that I was totally caught by surprise. It felt like pure ecstasy.


During the tantric massage, I began to vibrate as if an electrical surge was passing through me.  The Sacred Spot Prostate Massage touched me in a way that I had never experienced before.  Powerful feelings of love, freedom and compassion began to overwhelm me.  At one point, my eyes were brimming with tears of joy.


Words alone are inadequate to describe the intensity of my first session with Devi two years ago.  I continually seek her healing services as I find myself now growing in the right direction, both sexually and spiritually. Thanks again, Devi, for helping me find my way back to a calm, joyful, confident way of being.