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Authentic Tantric Therapy and You

“Love is native to our being. When you are in love with a man or a woman, the love you feel does not come from him or her; it is the love flowing from your own heart that you feel. Your partner is simply giving you an excuse to love.”

David Deida

A Certified Tantric Educator, Sacred Intimate and Blissful Bodyworker and lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing, massage therapy and Reiki.  In my multi-disciplined approach, I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantric kundalini yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I employ a unique, rich healing blend for each client. My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the requisite experience to instruct others.  My spiritually-based practice is ideal for those who wish to embrace a higher, enlightened state and create kundalini awakening and a deeper connection to their partner(s).

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Authentic Tantra presents an inclusive approach to sexual health, spiritual enlightenment and emotional wellness. The human body is a rich, vibrant map of hidden emotions, thoughts and intentions, all waiting to be explored. What I offer differs from whatever you may may have previously tried in efforts to enrich your love life and heal your spirit.

The role of a sex guru is to gently and skillfully guide you back onto the path to sensual bliss. My sessions and range of modalities can vary from session to session.

In Tantra, the body is the path to profound self-understanding and deemed an instrument to wisdom. An authentic tantrika has no interest in adjusting your spine, analyzing your mind or having intercourse with you. My ultimate goal is to help you reignite your soul passion in relation to your Self and others, using Tantric / Taoist body-centered techniques to relax and reveal all your energy blocks, clear them and then transport your body into your spiritual realm. Now is the time to reclaim your sacred sexual essence and re-define your authentic sexuality.

The issue of sexuality ignites such a broad range of emotions. Many North Americans still suffer from se-related denial and confusion. On one hand, the music and fashion industry icons use sex as a vehicle to push their merchandise; on the other hand, many North Americans are still racked by a tremendous amount of sex-related guilt and body shame.

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My heartfelt intention is to teach you to harness your sexuality so it can enhance every aspect of your life.. In Tantra, our powerful sexual energy is more than the catalyst for human survival. Sexual energy can physically heal your body via orgasmic bliss, the most profound, effective healing tool, surpassing any talk therapy or medication.

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In a session, we co-create a magical dance of intention and surrender. Each moment flows with grace, each breath is a prayer, each movement is a choice of letting go and each touch is a ritual. Your whole/holy body is a sacred temple, a marriage of spirit and matter, creating life. I approach tantric bodywork in reverence to the divine mystery dwelling within us all. My healing sessions will nurture you with unconditional love, sexual awakening and spiritual transformation.

Sexual Energy has the power to unblock your subconscious desires and help you confront your fears; inspire the flow of your creativity and teach you to merge with another in a way that you are unable to do on your own.

If you do not harness your sexual energy in a healthy manner, you can easily harm yourself and others in your wake. Tantra is the conscious awareness of the Path to Love and enlightenment.  Fine tune your body like a cherished musical instrument and you will soon discover its unlimited potential of spectacular melodies.

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