Tantric Intimacy Coaching

c thru dress beautyCrack open your heart wide open to let the radiant light shine into your life!  Tantra teaches us how to harness sexual energy as a sacred vehicle to self-love, love of others and the Cosmos.

Tantric Sex and Intimacy Coaching blends meditation and sacred sexual practices, as well as psychology and body therapies, into a session to help couples and individuals achieve their desired levels of love, intimacy and sexual healing. Couples and individuals of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from my tantra coaching. I offer phone consultations, sessions for couples or individuals and workshops to guide you on the fulfilling journey of sacred sexuality and intimacy. I customize sessions to suit your individual needs.

My extensive experience as a tantric sex and intimacy coach ensures that you will enjoy a safe, rewarding, inspiring experience with sacred sexuality. My expertise lies in my rich gift of teasing out the myriad strands of mental, emotional and physical complexities to unravel your limiting patterns. In this way, you can find your way home to your birthright, the blissful world of love, innocence and pleasure, which accompanies a spiritual awakening.

Clearly, mutual understanding, deep intimacy and  sexual passion do not magically occur simply because you have taken a mate. People are waking up from the film-and-media fallacy that you live happily ever after, once you have found “The One.”  When their current relationship falls short, people wonder what went wrong.  You can either carry on in doubt or divorce and pray for better luck next time.

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Wonderful relationships in the real world don’t just happen. Deep intimacy, real understanding and fulfilling sex require a mutual commitment to growth and a willingness to invest your time and energy into the relationship. Moreover, you must show up in a vulnerable, open-hearted way with your partner.

When things get personal, it can be difficult to step outside your habitual patterns in order to turn the relationship around. Relationship coaching greatly benefits those couples who wish to reconstitute their love and deepen their intimate bonds so their relationship can blossom.

During a Sacred Sexual Consultation, I teach the following three tantric steps to help you open your heart to let the light shine in.
  • Open yourself up to receiving whatever the Cosmos has to offer; i.e., moving from the limitations of ‘no’ to ‘the all-embracing YES!’
  • Take a fearless spiritual self-inventory. Do you want to be remembered by your  presents actions, behaviours and way of being
  • Do you react to others in your life the best way you know how? Are you operating from your truth on a daily basis? The time is now to amend your ‘no’ responses.
  • Do not suppress the past to move into the future. Integrate your losses into your whole persona. Love and embrace every aspect of your being, the past and future, the strength and fluid parts.

Essentially, I teach people how to use both the joys and difficulties that arise in their sexual life as an opportunity to strengthen their mutual love, while developing self-compassion and fostering their connections to the Divine.

Sessions may include:
  • Energy exercises to open energy flow
  • Breathing exercises, centring meditations and active listening
  • ”Blame-free” compassionate communication and other intimacy exercises
  • Exploring the dynamics of yin and yang
  • Learning how to stay in your power and authenticity while relating
  • Understanding your karmic emotional patterns in relationship
  • Information about sexual issues
  • Learning how to open your body
  • Understanding the interplay of emotions and sexuality
  • Advanced problem-solving skills