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Divine Tantric Touch Couples Massage – Expand Your Bliss

In Tantra, pleasuring your partner allows men and women to heal, honour and awaken each other’s sacred divinity while staying heart connected and true to your authentic Self.

During the Tantric Expanded Bliss Session for Couples, you will gain a rich understanding of male and female genitalia on emotional and physiological levels as you support the blossoming of  the divine masculine and feminine in each other. I teach you how to develop insight as to what and why certain things happen during arousal moments.

You will learn techniques to stimulate each other’s G-spot for healing, arousal and strengthening. Women, you will learn how to  help delay his orgasm. Men, you will discover techniques for strengthen her orgasm. Ultimately, you will both learn how to open up to your your vulnerability and receive sacred love. Learn how to show each other more patience, respect and commitment as you slow down and truly embrace the intimate moment.

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In our session, you will:
  • learn to communicate on different levels both in and out of bed
  • explore and harmonize male and female energy
  • heal sexual dysfunction
  • learn sensual full body exploration
  • learn the art of gentle touch
  • tap into female ejaculate amrita
  • learn how to counter premature ejaculation (PE)
  • learn how to make him receive and enjoy you
  • learn how to give him the mind-blowing orgasms that he craves
  • learn to awaken the male and female sacred spots
  • separate orgasm and ejaculation
  • teach him to have stronger streams and contain the orgasm
  • learn to cultivate patience, understanding in sexual matters
  • tap into the vulnerable and let go of the judgments
  • learn how to be a true companion to your partner
  • allow yourself to explore new erogenous zones

Yab Yum: The paramount Tantric sexual position named for the Buddhist term ‘union of mother and father.’ The man sits cross-legged with the woman on his lap with her legs wrapped around him.

unnamedHave you ever felt a powerful sexual attraction to your lover but tried to supress it? Let yourself feel the full energy of sexual attraction to fuel your vibrancy. What if you shared your true sexual feelings with your beloved?

Sexual feelings simply indicate that you are a healthy human being. Thus, they should be celebrated, not shamed or blamed.

You create your own sexual feelings. Your body creates sensations based up on its unique internal chemistry, memories and emotions. You are in control. Your capacity to feel and appreciate sexual feelings for another is expanded by your capacity to enjoy your own sexual feelings.

By deepening self-love, self-appreciation and a sense of personal juiciness, you can better access your tremendous life force energy. This awareness heightens your ability to share this energy with others, especially with your beloved. Share your deep sexual feelings with your partner to deepen your relationship by opening a reservoir of creative energy. By connecting to the essence of your yearning and expressing your own sexual vitality in new ways, you can enhance emotional intimacy and improve communication.

As a tantric educator, my heartfelt intention is for you both to experience profound love and amazing vitality, as you delve into the delicious depths of surrender and connection.

Before your Tantra Couples session, please familiarize yourself with the following terms to further your understanding of Sacred Sexuality as we will be using them during the session: CLICK HERE »

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