Enhance your Love Life with Tantra

Discover a significantly different way of relating to each other.
Learn to sustain mutual love and sexual passion for a lifetime together.
Renew or deepen your relationship and open up new possibilities.
For new couples starting a path together, Tantra helps forge a foundation for your growing relationship.
Rekindle the sparks as you fall in love with your beloved all over again!

Come dance your fears into excitement * Move from your anger to a dance of compassion * Open your heart to unconditional love * Free your mind from illusions * Dance to higher states of consciousness. 

Full Tantra Sessions for Couples
incorporate the following:

Joyful Tantric Kissing & Tantric Embrace
  • Lovemaking Position Dance and 1001 Modalities of Pelvic Movement
  • Giving and Receiving Sacred Spot Massage
  • Goddess Worship
  • Nurturing Techniques
  • Partnered Meditation and Energy Techniques
  • White Tantra for Two
  • Modalities of Conscious Touch
  • Partners as Healers
  • Secrets of the Oral Arts
  • Pleasuring and Honoring Your Shakti Goddess
  • Pleasuring and Honoring your Shiva God
  • Breast/Chest Massage
  • Touching the “Pearl” (the clitoris)
  • Loving with a “Soft-On”
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Tantric Harmony and 10-Minute Practices for Everyday Loving
  • Techniques for conscious communication
  • Other exotic practices for achieving physical delights

Complete Tantra Session

This Session is for couples who wish to learn and creatively integrate the art of Tantra. In a complete Tantra session, you learn the foundations of conscious loving together using Tantric ritual, breath, movement, and meditation, conscious communication techniques, and nurturing, awakening touch. You  develop skills and awareness to become your partner’s ultimate lover and healer.

*A Complete Tantra Session is recommended to prepare for more specialized couples sessions below.*

Full-Body Tantric Massage Ritual

Partners each have a turn to give and receive blissful, loving touch – Goddess receives first! In our massage, I will demonstrate and the giving partner will follow with mirroring and complementary strokes. The massage weaves in elements that form the foundation of Tantric practice: ritual, eye contact, presence, breath awareness and energy movement along with ecstatic, loving touch. The experience of this 4-handed sensual massage is truly heavenly! A wonderful gift for your beloved.

In Tantra, massage becomes a double meditation, total presence in the self and in the joy of feeling alive.  ~ Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

The Art of Yoni Massage

“O precious Goddess, may I enter your Sacred Flower, Jade Gate, Enchanted Garden, Lotus Blossom, Pleasure Palace, Sacred Space, Gateway to Heaven?”

These poetic phrases honor a woman’s Sacred Space. I teach you different internal and external massage strokes for the Yoni (sacred spot massage). You will awaken your beloved’s passion, to heal her past traumas, to communicate love, and satisfy her to her core! Men find this a profound way to both give and receive love. The techniques of this massage are powerful and produce deeply satisfying results you’ll both love.

Parvati turns to Shiva and says:”O my Husband, with a lover such as you, no woman could remain unfulfilled! You understand so well the infinite capacity of female sexuality. The techniques that you have outlined for ascending and extending the plateaus of pleasure will surely enable women to reach and explore new heights of ecstasy! Great Yogi, this teaching is surely a secret that can transport lovers to the realm of the gods!”

The Art of Lingam Massage

“My noble Shiva, please allow me to worship your lingam.. Wand of Light, Jade Scepter, Faithful Servant, Thunderbolt, Magic Wand, Yang Pagoda, Ambassador of Love!”

Ah, the beauty of this symbol of Shiva! Women: Open the gateways of his desire and learn the joys of giving your man a kind of touch that can lead him to spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. Fill his Magic Wand with your love as you learn the art of male genital massage. Joseph Kramer, founder of the Body Electric School, has said, “The difference between a hand job and a sacred [Lingam] massage is the difference between banging on a piano or playing Mozart.” To become a virtuoso on his instrument, this session is for you!

Behold the Shiva Lingam, beautiful as molten gold, firm as The Himalaya mountain, tender as a folded leaf, life-giving as the solar orb; behold the charm of hissparkling jewels!

Linga Purana

Acupressure Love Points for Couples.

Titillate your partner using your hands, fingers, lips, teeth and tongue to stimulate secret electric points of love. Learn basic acupressure routines in this session (one for a woman; one for a man) to nurture, arouse, and awaken the great healing and sexual energies within. No prior experience necessary.

Sensual Massage for Lovers

Skills no lover can be without! I offer a private course where you learn to give and receive a total full body, sensual/erotic, healing massage. You learn and experience various methods to generate enhanced pleasure and deeper intimacy between you and your partner. Besides learning basic to intermediate levels of massage technique, instruction also includes conscious touch, sacred spot massage & other Tantric techniques for deepening awareness, circulating sexual energy, transmitting love and healing power via your hands and heart.

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