beauty head downSpiritual, mental and physical preparation for a Tantra Session is essential for the best outcome.  Enter with an open heart, conscious awareness and available body to enhance your experience.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, the preparation starts before your scheduled appointment. Establish a clear intention for the upcoming Tantric session.

Know that the path of Tantra is spiritual as well as sensual. Tantra explores our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation. Intention setting creates an opening for the session to unfold naturally and in harmony with the physical, erotic and cosmic energies contained within you. It is recommended that you prepare mind, body and spirit for the experience. For your first session, opening all parts of your body, including the most sacred areas, promotes a greater sense of exploration and more intense stimulation is a life-altering experience.

To make your Tantric Session a life-altering experience, remember the following:
  • This is a date with yourself.
  • Make space and time for yourself.
  • You need to please nobody but yourself.
  • Avoid any preoccupations or appointments close to the session.
  • After the session, you may want to relax and even sleep so clear your schedule ahead of time.
  • Turn off your cell phone to free your mind of needless worry.
  • Move with your breath, so sensations and excitement can circulate into the whole body.
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At the point of experiencing Full Body Orgasm (not ejaculation), visualize your desires, what you want to change in your life and what you truly want, such as:
  • achieving more harmony;
  • enjoying more love and deeper intimacy;
  • becoming multi-orgasmic;
  • increasing your overall energy; and
  • tapping into your Sensual/Spiritual Nature.

Then, when you release at that orgasmic moment, your visualizations imprint onto your subconscious and into the Cosmos, returning back into your reality (Law of Attraction).
Relax and be open!
Imagine that you are receiving an infinite love from the Cosmos.
When nearing Full Body Orgasm (energetic not ejaculation) always breathe deeply. If anything is blocking your mind, it will go away.
You are being held in safe, loving, expert hands, so just keep breathing and any built up pressure or discomfort build up will go away.
This intensely pleasurable experience is simultaneously beautiful, erotic and sensuous.
Close your eyes and feel the inner bliss transporting you into an unimaginable world of ecstasy.

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To understand tantra, you need to be turning yourself on. Tantra is a positive habit you engage in for your own self-satisfaction, like yoga, meditation or regular work-outs.  You learn to get connect with your inner sexuality. Enjoy exploring those erogenous zones that you never previously examined before or felt too shy to consider.
When practicing G-spot, Prostate healing or Body Energetic Touch, breathe deeply.  
Let your partner know that you are enjoying the sensations running through your body.
Push your muscles, as in the pubococcygeal muscle (PC) exercises which I teach you in the session.
Let go of the flow, release your muscles, clear your mind and enjoy the pleasures of your G-spot or Prostate Healing or Body Energetic Touch.
If you feel discomfort, hold on for a few minutes, after that it is pure ecstasy.
Practice tantra once a week in your life or as much your lifestyle permits. By so doing, you will feel lighter, happier and more ecstatic.  
Ultimately, you will witness life anew through fresh, loving eyes.