Goddess Worship

jd12The Sanskrit word “Namaste” means the divine being within me greets and recognizes the divine being within you.

Goddess Worship, a form of tantric yoga, teaches you to explore and discover your sexuality as you connect to your own creative life force. Together, we co-create a hands-on session based upon your unique needs and desires in the present moment. I facilitate your your deep, sensual connection to life by modelling sacred sexual practices so that you can unite with the female embodiment of the Goddess.

In Tantra, each male and female holds a spark of divine essence within. By acknowledging that divinity within each other, we evoke that presence and willingly serve each other as equal opposites.  In Tantra, a male can consciously choose to raise his frequency through the empowering practice of semen retention. The longer the evolved tantric male holds his seed, the more power and energy he gains. When serving Goddess from a place of high personal power, he joins her at high frequencies as her male counterpart.

A Tantric union is an authentic soulful connection based upon sensual expression. I show the novice how to invoke and honor the Goddess, until it flows as a natural outpouring of your own expressions. Learn how to awaken the Goddess through passion, presence and pleasure, as you  accompany her into multi-orgasmic, ecstatic realms.   As your tantric consciousness rises to meet me in ever higher realms, I may bless with more intimate connections. This infinite journey unfolds in a loving, mysterious way using manual and energetic stimulation.

Goddess Worship Rituals

Attune yourself to the subtle messages of her divine body as you devote yourself to the pleasure of the Goddess.  

You will learn how to:
  • Perform full body sensual Tantric bodywork
  • Perform nude chores
  • Participate in Ritual Body Worship
  • Explore Female sacred spot stimulation (massage strokes, mudras, pressure points, female ejaculation)
  • Stay present with her volatile emotions during sexual healing
  • Unblock neural pathways to the female multi-orgasmic nature
  • Worship her Lotus feet and other body parts
  • Be mesmerized through erotic hypnosis
  • Harness sexual energy through ejaculatory control
  • Convey sexual energy through your eyes, lips, breath and touch