Sessions for Couples

The Tantra Massage for Couple sessions are designed according to your unique needs and wants. 

hot-sex-and-sexuality-coupleTantra Massage for Couples session can benefit those who are:
  • Starting a new relationship
  • Experiencing problems in their current relationship
  • Wishing to expand their knowledge of pleasure and eroticism
  • Desiring stronger communication in their relationship.
Couples sessions include:
  • Learning how to please each other through erotic touch and sensual massage
  • Helping each other achieve more passionate, pleasurable orgasms
  • Conscious communication, breathing and energy exchange
  • Bringing fun/games/toys into lovemaking
  • Different sexual positions from the Kama Sutra
  • Yab-yum connection and more erotic sensual adventure

Dakini Devi Bliss teaches you how to make Tantric Sex part of your weekly schedule…

Joyous sexual love is exuberant in its appreciation of love’s mystery and life’s gift.

It is vital to schedule Tantric Sex Dates, special time designated just for sex… Not dinner and a movie or a walk in the park… Just sex.

Tantric Sex Dates are all about scheduling in non-negotiable time. Once you carve it out, this sacred time becomes part of your routine. Couples who prioritize their sex lives enjoy deeper intimacy and more satisfying orgasms which continue to flourish across the decades.

In this Advanced Tantric Sex Date Session, you:
  • Get Guided feedback and tutorial from your facilitator, Devi Bliss
  • Experience a realm of fantasy
  • Explore a NEW sexual paradigm
  • Each Tantric Sex Date Session is focused on a NEW sexual exploration act: G-Spot exploration, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Talking through Sex, Light Bondage, Tantric Massage, Male Sacred Spot Prostate Massage, Ejaculation Control…
  • Learn about Trust, Safe words, Sacred Settings and More!
Advanced Tantric Sex Date Sessions are:
  • 2-3 hours long
  • Take place in my Sacred Urban Sanctuary unless you request another space
  • Designed around your needs and wants in the moment
  • Safe and Exploratory
  • Playful and Educational
Client Testimonial

When we first met Devi, my husband Max and I had limited knowledge about Tantra and even about sex. Max had explored Tantra with a local practitioner and was learning how to control his ejaculation. Frankly, I disliked his learning sexually related knowledge outside our relationship.

After chatting with Devi by phone, I was reassured that she was deeply committed to healing intimacy and love in relationships.  I became keen to explore a greater depth of my own with my husband. After our first Intimacy Building Session. I longed to dive deeper down this proverbial sexual rabbit hole. I found myself emailing Devi, seeking guidance and doing some 1-on-1 Sensual Relationship and Sex Coaching with her.

Then, Max and I decided that it was time for us explore an Advanced Couple’s Sessions. We were both amazed at how connected we felt during our session and after. We finally grasped how vital it was was for us to relate at this new level. Moreover, we grew to appreciate how sacred sexuality and fantasy play could deepen our marriage.  Since we started working with Devi, I happy to report that the frequency and quality of our lovemaking has increased by leaps and bounds.”

— Kelly and Max, Syracuse, NY

For more information, please call Devi Bliss at 613-878-8179
The donation for the Initial 2-hour Couples Tantric Massage Session is 2 hours.

Please inquire if interested in Extended Intensive Session for couples. These more intensive sessions require extra time which is reflected accordingly in the donation.