Skype Sessions

Do you sincerely wish to access unlimited pleasure and orgasmic bliss?

candle yabberI use interactive Skype season to interact with those singles or couple who cannot personally visit me in Ottawa, Canada.  Do you wish wish to discover more about your body as well as study the ancient Art of Sacred Sexuality?

I make use of sexual blueprinting, a body scan of physical, emotional or psychological blocks that hinder you from maximizing your sexual potential and highest energy levels. Clearly, a 1-on-1 tantric bodywork session allows me to better assess your physical condition but it is not essential as I can gather a great deal of information via Skype using specially designed questions and exercises I do with you.  In our first session, I usually ask questions while employing some playful exercises to sense your body’s needs or limitations. Based on that, I then teach techniques and we try them out hands on. I always assign readings or energy work exercises to best assist you and recommend exercises to strengthen out any energy imbalances.These techniques may involve sound therapy, Ayurvedic therapy, dietary changes, vitamin supplements or yoga positions. Your own comfort level and your level of studies will dictate how sexual in nature Skype sessions become.  Clearly, one Skype session cannot suffice if you wish to to master skills in ejaculatory control and harnessing your sexual energy.   Packages are ideal if you wish to fully commit to the learning process.

Skype Rates

Discounts are available to those who plan to take the program longer. Upon receipt of payment, you are given my Skype information. Then we set up a schedule of dates and times. Please note the time difference between your city and Ottawa (Eastern Standard Time).

After choosing your preferred package, confirm your interest by email. Include your contact Skype name and ideal Skype times. You can then pay via PayPal. Please include all confirmation or receipt numbers in your email to verify payment was sent. Upon receipt, I will follow up with an email to add you my Skype list with an appointment time. Then we arrange to meet!

one  75-minute Skype session: $125
four  75-minute Skype session package: $400

The 75-minute sessions comprise:
  • Tantric Union Breathing for deepening intimacy and pleasure
  • Using The 5 Principles of Sexual Communication to get the sex you want
  • The Art of Female Pleasure & 11 Different Orgasms for Women
  • The Art of Male Pleasure and The Multi-Orgasmic Male
  • Building Sexual Stamina and Ejaculation Mastery

1 (2) hour Skype session: $160
4 (2) hour Skype session: $600

In the Divine Orgasmic Awakening 2-hour Skype Session, we journey deep into the heart and soul of pleasure,  l skillfully guide you through the process of integrating each shared Tantra method.  Its fun, pleasurable and interactive!

During your session you learn:
  • Ancient Tantric meditations for achieving inner peace and optimal health
  • The keys to expanding your pleasure potential and achieving vaginal and multiple orgasms
  • Uncovering your sexual challenges with transformational communication
  • Jumpstart your libido with The 5 Core Pelvic Movements and Ben Wa Ball exercises
  • Awakening the 11 types of female orgasms with The Art Of Self-Pleasure.
Divine Tantra Coaching programs apply The 4 Principles of Self-Pleasure to provide extremely powerful and effective tools for:
  • Enhancing all forms of pleasure in your life (sexual, emotional, spiritual and physical)
  • Healing past sexual and/or emotional wounds
  • Experiencing more sexual pleasure and orgasms more easily and naturally.
  • Using sexual energy and sensual awareness to access better emotional, mental and physical health
  • Deepening emotional intimacy in your relationship
  • Creating more self-confidence, self-connection and self-love
  • Feeling safe and empowered enough to express your sexual needs and desires
  • Achieving more inner peace and balance in life
Why invest in your sexual pleasure and happiness?

Investing in your own sexual health and emotional balance also constitutes an investment in those closest to you as well as your community at large. The more connected you feel to your inner joy and pleasure, the easier it is for you to sexually express yourself and access your passion, vitality and purpose.

When you awaken your orgasmic pleasure, you activate your chi (life energy), so you can harness it to benefit every aspect of your life.. Indeed, investing in your own pleasure helps you find more meaning in life!

I invite you join me on-line via Skype as I share these tools and transformative processes to help align your masculine and feminine, thus creating a life of balance and integration with sex and spirit.