Tantra for Men

Sexual Healing and Kundalini Awakening for Men

legsopenMen, I invite you join me on an exciting journey as I teach you how to harness and master your sexual energy! In these sessions, we start with the building blocks to Tantra.  We then arouse and intensify your sexual energy to reveal those places in your body in dire need of emotional healing.

We explore body-to-body, ejaculation choice, full body male orgasms, Sacred Spot (Prostate) massage, expanding pleasure thresholds, prostate health, sexual confidence and consciousness,  moving beyond sexual trauma to healing body, mind, heart and spirit, intimate communication skills and how to attract the opposite sex.


2 hours – $460


NOTE: My heartfelt intention is to promote deep sexual healing through energy, light and love. I do not have sexual relations with my clients. My session aren’t about sexual gratification; rather they involve bringing consciousness to the movement of sexual energy in the moment.

Please do not ask for illegal services. I am a highly educated sacred sexual priestess, teacher, and guide.  These sessions involve delving into your own sexual spiritual connection and educating yourself how to invite bliss and ecstasy into your daily life! Together, we will soar into a sacred sphere of sensual love in a spirit of mutual respect..