Tantra for Women

fluterYoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina loosely translated as or “Sacred Temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a view of love and respect.

My approach is for you to feel wonderfully alive as you are pampered in a room designed for sensuality, relaxation and your unique pleasure. Sensual, music, colors and textures combined with candles and aromas complement the atmosphere.

Allow yourself to surrender to the hands of an expert. The goal is to release all built up tension by generously and freely reviving your core energy; channeling and guiding the flow throughout your body. Let your inner self relax into the deliciousness of “Riding the Wave” and release your mind, accepting only pleasure. Lie back, luxuriate and consciously let the chi, the erotic energy, flow from your core to  the rest of your body. Feel and imagine the tingling energy being distributed throughout your entire being.

Sessions are designed to achieve the goals of Tantra, incorporate your wishes and desires, and respect your modesty with utmost consideration.

The underlying purpose is to provide an atmosphere of safety and comfort so you can relax fully. At that time, your sexual energy slowly but freely builds up within yourself. It is then moved right through for all over sensory enjoyment as well as allowing the stimulated energy to benefit the body from within.

The session starts with a relaxed, open chat to determine your comfort level, expectations and goals you  wish to address during your massage. This powerful, deeply connecting, transformative process to enhance your relationship with your Self and others.

Do you crave more emotional intimacy, spiritual union and more sexual pleasure in your love life? Divine Tantric Touch involves the art of sacred sexuality in Conscious Spiritual Connections.


In a Tantric Lotus massage session for women, we explore tantric/taoist tools and techniques, woven together to facilitate a deeper connection to your own feminine own essence as well as your partner:
  • eyes closed devi lotusLearn how to reinvigorate intimate relationships.
  • Improve intimacy with trust and communication.
  • Explore and practice connecting so you are in synch with your own natural energy flow.
  • Revitalize your health, embrace love and awaken your spiritual essence through energetic connections, massage techniques, as well as Yoni/G-Spot massage
  • Open to deeper connection with your self and partner via ritual, connecting and breathing exercises.
  • Learn to expand your multi-orgasmic potential into whole body bliss.
  • Learn to circulate your vital breath up through the seven (7) chakras for restorative healing and renewal.
  • Experience raising your sexual energy with loving intent, breathing, movement and muscle control.
  • Harness sexual energy and move it throughout your entire your body.
  • Surrender to your spirit wisdom, as you learn to receive loving compassion in a safe, sacred space.

For more information about the Tantric Lotus Massage Session for Women, please call me directly at 613 878-8179 or fill out a session request form to book an appointment.