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Sexual healing for women involves touching the Yoni (Sanskrit term for female genitalia) either physically or energetically with presence and compassion. Since genital touch is usually linked either with sex or a medical procedure, having your Yoni touched with awe and reverence, just for your benefit, can be a powerful, life-altering experience.

A woman whose Yoni is thus held surrenders as fully as possible into the experience. She is invited to stay open, curious and present during the process. She is urged to freely communicate whatever she feels so as to express and release what has been held in her Yoni. As the genital armoring is released, the area may be flooded with feelings of warmth, pleasure, irritation, emotion, orgasmic energy or a sense of vast spaciousness.

Eventually, a natural sense of completion occurs. The temple gate of the Yoni is “closed” by placing the palm of the hand over the entrance of the vagina with great presence and sensitivity.

Sexual Healing Benefits for Women

  • Feeling more bodily ease and openness.
  • Improved quality and quantity of her orgasms.
  • She invites pleasure through sensuality and sexuality.
  • Being more present and authentic with Self and others.
  • The ability to live in the flow which enhances overall health and well being.
  • Renewed sense of connection to her true nature as unconditional love and freedom.
  • Letting go of mental, physical and emotional blocks related to shame, guilt and fear.

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Background on Sexual Healing for Women

Sexual healing is the art of resolving sexual shame, guilt and fear held in the body-mind continuum. When sexual shame, guilt and fear are denied, repressed or ignored, physical symptoms can arise like chronic vaginal or bladder infections, decreased libido, painful coitus, PMS, painful periods and trouble transitioning into menopause. Psychological issues like anxiety, depression and love/sex addiction can also arise.

Trauma held in the genitals can start early one due to insensitive toilet training, especially when physical or emotional abuse is present, or when children are shamed for being natural curious about genital touch or masturbation. Trauma can occur due to feelings of fear or shame around puberty; i.e., you wonder if you are developing normally or are told to view menstruation as “the curse.”

Such bodily held trauma can create a contraction or holding in the tissues called body armoring,  which prevents the natural flow of energy, awareness and sensations. This holding in the sexual organs is called genital armoring. Common causes of female sexual trauma include medical procedures (pelvic exams, abortion, childbirth and hysterectomies). More severe forms of genital armoring are caused by trauma from unwanted sexual advances, especially rape and/or incest, as well as from religious sex-related guilt, unhealthy sexual boundaries while being intoxicated or submitting to unwanted duty-related sex. Even people without any overt sexual trauma can develop milder forms of genital armoring due to conditioning from our schizophrenic, sex-negative culture. which both glorifies and condemns sex at the same time.

Again, genital armoring can cause a range of female sexual problems, including decreased clitoral and vaginal sensation, lack of vaginal lubrication, painful coitus, hypersensitivity to touch and/or an inability to feel pleasure or orgasm during sex, in addition to psychological issues like anxiety, depression and/or love and sex addiction. Often, these health issues are not viewed as directly relating to sexual wounding.

Instead of the root cause sex wounding, being addressed directly, symptoms are medically diagnosed and treated with drugs. Many women thus feel that something is basically wrong with them as their treatment is focused on symptoms instead of on the armoring in the body-mind. Occasionally, a woman may seek out a psychotherapist to address emotional issues related to sexual trauma. Sadly, most psychotherapists have not healed their own sexual wounds, so their facilitation of sexual healing is limited at best. If a woman is lucky enough to find an adept therapist who can address her sexual issues, she is still faced with the limitations of psychotherapy, addressing the psycho-emotional aspects of sexual healing and ignoring the physical and energetic trauma still held in the body.

Sexual Healing can assume a host of forms. On rare occasions, it can occur spontaneously such as during breath work sessions  or during energy work, such as reiki, as an either intended or unexpected side-effect. The most potent forms of sexual healing address the body/mind/spirit aspects of sexuality via hands-on sexual healing sessions. A host of modalities use holistic hands-on sexual healing to address sexual trauma and genital armoring, such as SkyDancing Tantra™ Pelvic Healing and Multi-Orgasmic Response processes, Sacred Spot Massage, Pelvic Heart Integration. Since These modalities require training and experience, they are best done by an experienced practitioner

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