Male Genital And Rectal Anatomy

Tantra Sacred Sex Glossary


The point of no return measured on a 10-point scale of sexual arousal at which ejaculatory orgasm is inevitable.

10-Point Scale

An arbitrary way of monitoring level of sexual arousal during practice and sex play from 1, no arousal, to 10, orgasm.


Sanksrit term for the famous “nectar of immortality” or “water of life.” Commonly used in Tantra to mean the divine nectar of the Goddess (female ejaculate).


The opening at the bottom end of the gastrointestinal tract, protected by two sphincter muscles, through which solid waste products are evacuated from the body.


The tightening of the muscles and hardening of the body’s soft tissues due to storing the energy traces of past traumatic experiences. Armoring is an attempt to prevent pain. We tighten and contract to avoid discomfort and protect ourselves. Unfortunately, the energy generated by the experience gets trapped inside. Our bodies become a storehouse for negative imprints. See Resistance.


Turning yourself on without physical stimulation.

Big O

A strong explosive orgasm.

Blended Orgasm

Originally, an orgasm that results from clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The definition is extended to encompass any two or more orgasmic triggers, including Kundalini energy.


One of the 4 cornerstones of Tantric Bliss. See Tantric Breath, Four Cornerstones.


A massage stroke that uses unexpected flitting taps with your fingertips all over the body with no pattern.

Channel Energy

To circulate, move, or run sexual energy around the body. See energy.


The lower end or neck of the uterus which opens into the top end of the vagina.


One of 7 centers or vortices inside the body from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head where subtle energy is generated, collected, stored, and swirled.While energy is energy, it has different qualities at each chakra. See Energy.


See Energy.


A Tantric name for clitoris.


A highly-sensitive sexual organ whose head lies under the intersection of a woman’s outer lips and whose legs extend deeper towards the sides of the vagina.

Coitus Reservatus or Coitus Interruptus

The withdrawal technique dating from ancient Rome in which the man pulls his penis out before ejaculating.


A G-Spot massage stroke done by crooking one or more fingers back towards your palm as if you were beckoning someone to come towards you.


4 simple but powerful physical skills used to generate ecstasy at will …presence (relaxation, mental focus, and concentration), breath, sound and movement.

Cowper’s Glands

Two tiny glands below the prostate gland that secrete a clear, colorless, alkaline fluid before ejaculation to cleanse the urethra of any acidic urine remaining.

Corona or Crown

The ridge at the base of the head of the penis. Also known as the crown.


To push out sperm. See Ejaculate.


Explosive orgasm accompanied by ejaculation.


Legs of the clitoris which extend deeper inside a woman’s body on either side of the vagina.


Using products or doing things to temporarily desensitize the penis during sexual stimulation.


Balls, scrotum, and testicles, adapted from the Sanskrit for divine gems, jewels, or pearls.

Dry Orgasm

A long series of slow pleasurable spasms that men can experience without ejaculating. With a rush of orgasmic energy, the emission phase of orgasm can be avoided while still enjoying the wonderful ecstasy of the expulsion spasms. See Implosive Orgasms


Intense joy, delight, and elated bliss. An extraordinary elevation of the spirit by overwhelming emotion so intense that you’re carried away beyond the reach of rational thoughts and ordinary impressions.


To push out sperm. See Cum.

Emission Phase

The first stage of ejaculatory orgasm when the male prostate gland automatically contracts and empties prostatic fluid, a major component of semen, into the urethra.


The nervous stimulation and physical excitation that your body feels all the time which is responsible for emotional sensations and physical manifestation of spirit. Most strongly felt by most as a result of sexual stimulation and orgasm. It’s called chi in China, prana in India and ki in Japan.  See Kundalini.

Energy Orgasm

See Implosive Orgasm, Tantric Orgasm.


When sensitive organs composed of erectile tissue swell with blood and darken when aroused.


A storage place for newly formed sperm cells on the top of the testes.

Erectile Tissue

The technical name for sensitive organs that swell with blood and darken when aroused, also called engorgement.

Erogenous Zones

Parts of the body that arouse sexual desire when you touch them.

Explosive Orgasm

The kind of sudden strong orgasm that relieves tension and releases energy quickly in a few-second flash of pleasure which is accompanied by ejaculation in men and often drains lovers of their vital essence.

Expulsion Phase

Once those little swimmers are emitted into your channel, rhythmic wavelike soft-muscle contractions propel the semen down your urethra and out the penis tip where they have a brief fight for survival and usually lose. These contractions of your pelvic muscles that cause the actual release of semen also are the main ones that cause the fantastic pleasure.

Feedback Sandwich or Feedback Cycle

A diplomatic way lovers can ask for changes in sexual play or other behavior without hurting their partner’s feelings. The feedback sandwich is a communication cycle, beginning and ending with positive reinforcement, which begins with a compliment, asks for something different, and finally acknowledges what’s working.

Female Prostate

Spongy erectile tissue caused by a series of small paraurethral glands and ducts surrounding the urethra along the roof of the vagina. See G-Spot, Paraurethral Glands, Urethral Sponge, Skene’s Glands.

4 Cornerstones Of Supreme Bliss

Breath, sound, movement, and presence. The components of an ecstatic experience which Tantra uses as tools to summon and channel Kundalini energy.


The ring of indentation just behind the corona or head of the penis, especially on the highly sensitive peli

Full-Body Orgasm

An energetic implosive orgasm through the entire body accompanied by writhing, undulating and vibrating all over as a result of channeling sexual energy out of the genitals. See Implosive Orgasm.


The rounded tip of the clitoris or penis.


Any woman who consciously acts from her divine power. See Shakti.


A small pleasure point located a few inches deep on the upper part of the vaginal channel, first reported in the 1950s by  gynaecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, as the female orgasmic trigger. Actually, it’s spongy erectile tissue caused by a series of up to 40 small paraurethral glands and ducts surrounding the urethra along the roof of the vagina. See Female Prostate, Paraurethral Glands, Urethral Sponge, Skene’s Glands.


A spiritual teacher or master, traditionally from India.

Hand Job

Manually pleasuring a vajra by oneself or by a lover.


The glans, corona, or crown of the penis.


The AIDS or auto-immune deficiency virus

Hot Spots

Tissues inside yoni and rosetta that need healing. She or he may feel tension, numbness, tenderness, soreness, pain, burning, or a bruised feeling. The healer may feel throbbing, heat, or a hard nodule.

Implosive Orgasm

Inner orgasm or Tantric energy orgasm. A long series of slow pleasurable vibrations in both men and women accompanied with a rush of orgasmic energy which occurs when sexual arousal gets pumped back inside and is circulated over and over again without explosive release.


An Arabic word literally meaning “retention” referring to retaining semen within the body while making love. Imsak was developed for men who needed to satisfy an entire harem nightly and couldn’t keep getting it up again and again after cuming with each lover.


Genitals, the sexual organs of both men and women.

Inner Flute

The invisible channel near the spine that connects the chakras imagined to look like a hollow bamboo. See Chakras.


A still lovemaking technique published by Alice Bunker Stockham, a pioneering female physician, in 1883 during which the penis remains inside the vagina for an hour or more simply feeling the delightful energy.


Exercises originally developed by a gynecologist named Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1952 to teach women to regain control of their urinary reflexes by restoring tone of their PCmuscles after the trauma of childbirth. See PC Muscle.


See Energy.


Loosely, sexual or orgasmic energy. The normally latent psychosexual power, likened to a coiled snake, lying dormant at the base of the spine. When awakened through Tantra, Kundalini energy can ascend through the subtle body, creating powerful ecstatic experiences and heightened cosmic consciousness. See Energy.


Divine play. Reveling in sexual pleasure as a gift from the Goddess. From the Sanskrit for play and joy.


The Hindu name for penis, meaning wand of light. See Vajra.

Lotus Position

Sitting with legs crossed over one another.


Any kind of intimate, physical, sexual frolicking that creates turn-on and demonstrates love, affection, and desire. Foreplay is included but we don’t like to use that term since in Tantra any kind of loveplay can be an end in itself.


The Sanskrit name for ritual sexual intercourse. See Sexual Union.


Sitting and emptying the mind by reciting mantras, watching the breath, or witnessing ideas floating by, intended to create a “no mind” condition of deep inner peace filled with stillness.

Move Energy

To circulate, channel, or run sexual energy around the body.


Bowing from the waist with hands on heart, palms together pointing up, meaning“the God/Goddess within me salutes the God/Goddess within you.”

No Mind

An empty mind. A meditative state of deep inner peace filled with stillness.


Sexual climax, the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual stimulation, usually accompanied with explosive release, and sometimes by an unlimited, timeless, whole body-mind-spirit altered state. See Cuming.

Orgasmic Breathing

The kind of breath, sound, movement and presence that happens when you have a typical exciting explosive orgasm. Consciously and intensely using these four cornerstones of Supreme Bliss to heighten sexual ecstasy.

Orgasmic Energy

See Kundalini.

Orgasm Master

A male who can choose the type, timing, and number of orgasms that occur.

O-Zone or Orgasm Zone

The high plateau of sexual ecstasy where you float continuously with multiple and lengthy full-body mind-blowing energetic orgasms. Your mind drifts, your body feels weightless, and you feel as if you and the creative cosmos were one.

Paraurethral Glands

A collection of up to 40 small glands, accompanied by ducts and blood vessels, surrounding the female urethra along the roof of the vagina. Also known as Urethral Sponge, G-Spot, Female Prostate, and Skene’s Glands.

PC Muscle

Short for pubococcygeus. The muscle that snakes down around the anus and genitals connecting the pubic to the coccyx bones plus the sitting bones and legs.


Letting sexual excitement rise to a high level and then immediately drop back down, which, if graphed, looks like scaling a steep mountain peak and then falling precipitously.


Adjusting the sexual stimuli that cause sudden surges of arousal in order to come back down without going over the top to orgasm.

Pelvic Healing

Slow, deep, therapeutic massage of the soft tissues around the pelvis designed to release armoring and resistance.


The general region of the pelvic floor between the genitals and rosetta (anus).

Perineum Point

The soft fleshy spot between a man’s devamani (testicles) and rosetta (anus) where you can dig in real deep and massage his prostate from the outside. See Prostate Point.

Performance Anxiety

The stress of a lover who’s trying to achieve a goal like orgasm, competing with internal mental standards, and continuously wondering “am I doing it right?”


An ongoing high level of sexual arousal that continues without diminishing.


A source of enjoyment or delight. Sensual gratification or indulgence.

Pleasure Balloon

An imaginary energy bubble inside you that limits and controls your capacity to feel. At rest, your pleasure balloon is collapsed around your jewels. As you get excited and Kundalini energy fills your container, your balloon expands.

Point of No Return

The point of no return during sexual arousal at which ejaculatory orgasm is inevitable.


A open lifestyle which includes multiple lovers with full knowledge and often contact between all.


One of 7 basic sexual positions.  Each position can be modified in multiple ways by moving torsos, adjusting limbs, and shifting weight. Major adjustments to each position are grouped into several categories called postures.

Each posture can be adjusted with several variations:

1. Shakti Position (woman on top)
2. Cow Position (rear entry)
3. Transverse Position (side-to-side)
4. Shiva Position (man on top)
5. Kneeling Shiva (Position man between her legs)
6. Yab Yum Position (sitting)
7. Dancing Position (standing)


A French word for stimulating rosetta (anus) during sex.


See Energy.


A few drops of thick clear fluid that sometimes seeps out of vajra (penis) from the urethral opening after erection or genital stimulation. Pre-cum usually comes from the Cowper’s Glands.


Referring to a woman who hasn’t yet experienced orgasm.


One of the 4 cornerstones of Supreme Bliss. Being relaxed enough to open your senses in the moment without any goal or expectation and total 100% focus on the pleasure you’re feeling right now. See Four Cornerstones.


A firm, partly muscular, chestnut-sized gland which is a long-finger-width inside the rectum of males at the neck of the urethra. It produces prostatic fluid, a viscous secretion, a prime component of semen.

Prostate Point

A soft fleshy spot between a man’s devamani (testicles) and rosetta (anus), below the base of vajra (penis), through which pressure can be applied to the prostate.


An inflamed or enlarged prostate.


The sensation of a swelling G-Spot or Sacred Gate that initially feels like the need to pee, but actually signals the right time for a woman to push out, expel fluid, and ejaculate.


See PC Muscle.


The best method of teaching the Ultimate Ecstatic Solution To Premature Ejaculation which stands for Relax, Awareness, Measure, Pace, Energy circulation, and Ride the wave.


The lower end of the colon of the gastrointestinal tract, the human food processing system, which extends from the large intestine to the anal canal at the bottom.

Refractory Period

The time it takes to be able to recover the ability to get and maintain an erection after ejaculating.


Anything that gets in the way of your natural flows of life force energy. Usually referring to sexual resistance and the inhibitions that get in the way of desire, turn-on, and ecstatic states. When there’s resistance, you feel uncomfortable, withdrawn, nervous, tuned out, turned off, repulsed, angry, irritated, frustrated, hopeless, de-pressed, or other negative feelings. See Armoring.


Conserving or retaining semen without ejaculating during sex.



Run Energy

To circulate, channel, or move sexual energy around the body.

Sacred Gate

The erectile tissue on the upper wall of the vagina which is a powerful orgasmic trigger and doorway to Supreme Bliss. See G-Spot.

Sacred Space

Consciously making a special environment for Tantric practice; i.e.,  cleaning and beautifying the chosen  as well as cleansing the space’s energy and invoking the powers you want included.

Sacred Spot

See G-Spot.


Subtle Energy eXchange. Any touching, moving, meditation or erotic sharing including fantasy that stimulates and connects lovers’ inner vibrations.


The external pouch that surrounds and contains the testicles.


A Tantric term for masturbation during which one honors one’s body and celebrates pleasure.

Taking Touch

A Tantric massage technique where the touching hand feels as much as the body part that’s being caressed, accomplished by the masseuse exchanging energy through the heart, arms, hands, and fingers with the receiver.


A form of mysticism / shamanism, originally from India, which was devoted to the Great Mother Kali.


Ancient secret writings about Tantra.

Tantric Breath

A Tantric breath is deep, slow, and in the belly.

Tantric Orgasm

An experience of prolonged peak pleasure in which the whole body vibrates with wave after wave of intense ardor, involving many or all of the chakras. It occurs when Kundalini energy expands inward, flooding the entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions and continuous wavelike vibrations. See Implosive Orgasm.

Tantric Touch

A soft, slow, sensual massage technique in which both giver and receiver are fully awake with all senses wide open to the physical and the subtle energies being exchanged.

Tantric Sex

Making love reverently, sacredly, and consciously to maximize and circulate orgasmic Kundalini energy.


Practitioner adept at Tantra.

Testes or Testicles

Two egg-shaped male sex glands that hang in the sack of the scrotum behind vajra (penis) producing sperm cells and testosterone


A major sex hormone responsible for sexual desire, libido, and function which exists in both men and women, though in much greater concentration in men. See Testes.


The tube or canal through which urine is discharged in both men and women and which serves as the male genital duct that carries semen through the genital system and out the head of the penis.

Urethral Sponge

Spongy erectile tissue caused by a series of up to 40 small paraurethral glands and ducts surrounding the urethra along the roof of the vagina. See G-Spot, Female Prostate, Skene’s Glands, Paraurethral Glands.


A pear-shaped hollow muscular organ or womb in which a fertilized egg grows into an embryo, fetus, and baby.


The penis or male sexual organ. See Lingam.

Valley Orgasm

A continuous state of orgasmic ecstasy in which the arousal curve stays flat like a mesa and doesn’t jump up suddenly as in peaking. See Plateau.


Modification of a posture in one of the seven basic sexual positions. See Position.

Vas Deferens

Spermatic ducts that convey sperm cells from the epididymes to the seminal vesicles and prostategland. These are what get cut when a man has a vasectomy.

Vipassana Meditation

A sensory meditation designed to open multiple senses at once.


The process of personal internal observation, feeling what you’re feeling now and not doing anything about it. Eastern spiritual pursuits like Tantra call paying attention this being mindful, simply noticing what’s going on without taking action.


The paramount Tantric sexual position named for the Buddhist term “union of mother and father” in which the man sits cross-legged with the woman on his lap with her legs wrapped around him.


Strong male energy and the more forceful male approach. See Shiva.


Receptive female energy and the nurturing female approach. See Shakti.


The traditional Hindu word for vagina.


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