Devi Bliss offers tantric massage, dark tantra, Bondassage®, Elysium massage, sex & intimacy Coaching in Ottawa for Men, Women & Couples, as well as a variety of Merging Sex and Spirit Tantra workshops.

Female Arousal and Anatomy Workshop

beautiful blonde upside downWomen have always been deemed a mystery who possess these amazing but confusing bodies.  Perhaps this is true for some but some tried and true tantric tools and techniques can satisfy a woman every time and demystify the myths.

In this workshop I will share these insights with you:
  • The ABC’s of female sexual / erotic anatomy including the vagina, G-spot and clitoris
  • The function and pleasure capacities of the labia and urethra
  • How arousal works in the female pelvis
  • Introduction to female ejaculation
  • Myth busting: fact versus fiction. Boost your knowledge of the latest scientific data and ancient sacred sexual practices
  • How sexual pleasure may differ at different stages in a woman’s cycle.
  • How women’s sexual responses can work
  • How women are hard wired to be ecstatic pleasure machines
  • Practice and develop sensual & arousing touching techniques

This session is ideal for those with a body-based perspective who are interested in delving deep into the core of passion and pleasure. Suitable for all women and the men who love them, as well as therapists, pleasure enthusiasts, sex workers and health professionals of all kinds.

Workshop Tesimonials

Jeweled Lotus - Purple

It’s so liberating and refreshing to be in a safe space where I can talk and learn freely about a subject that so many places still consider taboo!


Lily, 25

Devi Bliss provides a safe, sacred space to explore, learn, grow and play, without limits or judgment, only possibility and expansion. She creates a healing space that brings inner wholeness and dissolves the guilt and shame form past generations.


Krystal, 42

Thanks to Devi Bliss, I was Introduced to concepts that I had never before understood.  She helped me learn how apply these concepts in my daily life.  Most of all, I has been so beneficial to interact with other women in the workshop and listen to their experiences and  way of thinking.


Francine, 39

Devi has taught me that we can all be happy, healthy sexual beings, no matter our past history.. Moreover, accepting your sensual nature is mandatory for happiness.  Sex for me is no longer right or wrong, good or bad; it just is. Now I completely own my sexuality so I enjoy physical intimacy more.  These days I have no fear of flaunting my passion and pleasure with my new lover.


Colleen, 45

I have gained new insight from each of Devi’s fun, practical workshops. Whatever you fear is discussed  and cleared up so a new understanding is born. I feel so confident when Devi Bliss is the workshop a facilitator when because I know I will leave knowing far more about what I came for. I have Witnessed positive growth in my own journey of pleasure and possibility and my marriage has morphed into a richer, happier union.

The Jade Egg Practice
Workshop for Women

How to Awaken and Cultivate your Female Sexual Energy


The Jade Egg Practice: How to Awaken and Cultivate your Female Sexual Energy: Learn exercises to enhance your sex life, have more powerful orgasms, increase libido and sexual energy and maintain healthy sexual organs in a highly informative,  practical workshop on how to use the Jade Egg.

It is vital to exercise to stay in good physical shape. In the same vein, if you wish to maintain healthy sexual organs and heightened sexual energy, you must exercise the sexual organs.

The Jade Egg practice has been gaining popularity in post pregnancy, helping re-tone a woman’s pelvic floor muscles and improving her sex life.

This workshop is for women only. The jade egg exercises are practiced wearing loose comfortable clothing. If you don’t have a Jade Egg, you can still do the exercises the workshop and practice with a jade egg at home.  You may purchase a jade egg from me at the workshop if you wish.

The Jade Egg Practice is a profound sexual healing technique for women. Having a sacred heart connection is key for most women in sexually intimate relationships. The heart-centred Jade Egg practice can transforms a woman’s relationship with both her Self and her sexuality.

This fabulous tool allows a woman to connect with her sensuality and inner Shakti essence, thus integrating her every aspect, including her femininity. Ultimately, the Jade Egg promotes increased self-connection and deeper insight, so as to better connect with her partner.

In this workshop, you will:
  • Increase your awareness of your pelvic floor
  • Open your pelvis and improve flexibility
  • Enhance Yoni awareness and sensitivity
  • Learn how to use the Jade Egg

This workshop is held in a safe, healing space in which you can comfortably relax to learn more about accessing increased sexual pleasure. Book early as workshop participants are limited to a small group.

Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much, Devi, for your amazing workshop, The Jade Egg Practice – Awakening and Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.  Your extensive knowledge and wisdom was impressive and I loved how you used humour to put everyone at ease.  I am normally quite shy but you created a safe, playful space for me to relax and open up.   Your passion for your work flows through you and reaches the women you are teaching. I felt so energized and inspired afterwards that  I plan to attend all your future workshops.


Natalie, 37

Just a brief note to update you on how the Jade Egg Practice has changed my life.  My egg quite lierally helped me discover the delightful mystery of my yoni, building a more balanced relationship with my yin and yang energies.   After years of forceful experiences I was gently guided to let myself open up.  The egg allowed me to grasp real acceptance and shaped a new path for more authentic communication with myself.   Indeed, the first time I honoured my yoni’s resistance to the egg, tears filled my eyes.  I recalled  just how often I had let my Gateway to Paradise be ploughed into without love or care. Happily, this new, deeper connection with myself is helping forge a deeper bond with my husband..


After a Jade Egg practice, I asked Max to hold my egg and his eyes lit up as he felt me. We were transported to the sweetest, most intimate space of loving togetherness like never before. My new jade egg has amazing powers!
Happily, I will soon be reaping the wisdom my jade egg brings for my new pregnancy and post-birth too!


Sarah, 28